First of all, thanks for visiting our website. If you are looking for a wedding photographer and videographer in San Sebastian or in another part of the Basque Country, France or Spain, we can help you. Let’s talk! We would like to work at your wedding!

San Sebastian destinarion wedding

But let’s introduce! We are Ander Gartziandia and Aitzol Etxegoien, two wedding photographers in destination. We do wedding reports since 2009, and we live in the beautiful city of Donostia – San Sebastian.

San Sebastian is a special place, a beautiful city that faces the sea surrounded by green mountains and a very rich and interesting culture (Basque culture). We have one of the most important film festivals in Europe, it is the second city with the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world (4 of them among the 50 best in the world ), and its bay with Santa Clara Island in between is magic. A fantastic place to live and also to get married.



We have been making wedding reports to foreign couples from all over the world for years to get married in our city and we are always very proud that they choose us to get married. We have also gone to other countries to make weddings, as is the case of China, France and Italy. We love to travel, so we are always willing to take our bags and go where they call us.



Our style is fresh and spontaneous. We always look for naturalness and we create the ideal environment for it. You can see an example with reports of our foreign clients, but you can also visit our website to see our photo gallery and videos.
If you want to know how we work or have any questions already in our heads our FAQ  section can get you out of some doubts. You can also see our prices HERE

We would love to be part of your great day and we would be very proud to contribute with our images to your happiness. You can contact us in the following form and tell us briefly when and where your wedding will be, we promise to answer you as soon as possible.

We wait for you. See you soon!



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